Fox News quickly abandons attempt to silence former producer who's suing the network
Fox News host Tucker Carlson (Screenshot)

Fox News is tamping down its effort to silence a Tucker Carlson producer who is currently suing the network, reversing a complaint they filed with the Supreme Court of New York this week, the Daily Beast reported.

Abby Grossberg, who was head of booking for Tucker Carlson's show, filed two separate lawsuits against Fox on Monday alleging that the network wanted to have her and her former boss Maria Bartiromo shoulder the blame for Dominion Voting System's $1.6-billion Dominion defamation suit.

Grossberg was reportedly put on forced administrative leave this Monday. She claims the network's lawyers forced her to make misleading testimony about Fox's election coverage in 2020 and it was an example of the network's culture of misogyny and discrimination.

As the Beast's report points out, Fox initially claimed her legal action “threatened to disclose Fox’s attorney-client privileged information."

“FOX News Media engaged an independent outside counsel to immediately investigate the concerns raised by Ms. Grossberg, which were made following a critical performance review, and her allegations in connection with the Dominion case are baseless,” a Fox News spokesperson said in a statement. “We are confident her legal claims have no merit and FOX News will prevail in these cases.”

But on Tuesday, Fox retracted its complaint.

“While our office was fully prepared and ready to argue to the New York Supreme Court why Fox News’s baseless and retaliatory lawsuit seeking to restrain Ms. Grossberg from speaking out about her abhorrent experiences at the Network was frivolous, Fox News wisely decided to give up on its clearly meritless claims against Ms. Grossberg," her lawyers said in a statement to the Daily Beast. "We remain ready and eager to vindicate Fox News’s blatant and repeated violation of Ms. Grossberg’s rights, including her right to not be baselessly sued in retaliation for complaining about unlawful conduct, in the Southern District of New York and in Delaware Superior Court.”

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