Fox News guest: 'I prefer the old-fashioned racism' of lynchings and Jim Crow
Fox News/screen grab

A Fox News guest said on Sunday that he prefers "old-fashioned racism" over critical race theory, a study of racial justice in America.

Robert Woodson, a conservative civil rights activist, made the remarks during an appearance on Fox & Friends.

"It is really destructive," Woodson said of critical race theory. "I prefer the old-fashioned racism. This new racism is more insidious and more self-destructive than the old racism. The old racism was external. This is really internal."

He suggested that systemic racism is a myth because Black men make up a majority of NFL and NBA players.

"So when there's positive disparities, is this because white people permit Blacks to perform?" he asked. "And yet when we come to the English classes and math classes, we're behind. Does this mean that white people have to give us permission?"

Woodson argued that "self-determination" means that racism has little impact on Black Americans.

"Under segregation, we achieved more education than we're doing now in this progressive era," he claimed.

Watch the video below from Fox News.