'Why not a raid?' Fox News panelists squabble over possible FBI search of Biden's home
Fox News/screen grab

Fox News panelist David Webb argued with network contributor Lisa Boothe on Monday after she called for a "raid" of President Joe Biden's Delaware home.

During the Fox News Outnumbered program, Boothe told Webb that an investigation into classified documents found at Biden's home requires a "raid."

"Yeah, but why not a raid, though?" Boothe asked. "I mean, Merrick Garland already laid down the precedent for how you handle [missing classified documents]."

"We already know about this one," Webb pointed out.

"So, why not a raid," Boothe asked again. "Right? Not only that, but they withheld this information from the public since Nov. 4th, when allegedly the Department of Justice was made aware of this. So why not a raid?"

"Because the surprise is gone, Lisa," Webb replied.

Boothe then turned her focus to the president's son.

"I do want to go down the Hunter Biden trail, too," she said. "Because Joe Biden does not deserve the benefit of the doubt in this."

Neither of the panelists acknowledged that Trump refused to turn over some classified documents in his possession.

Watch the video below from Fox News.