'It's in the plan!' Fox News host slaps down Rick Scott over his proposal to 'sunset' Social Security

Fox News host John Roberts clashed with Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) on Sunday over his plan that would "sunset" Social Security and other government assistance programs.

Roberts noted that Scott's "11 Point Plan to Rescue America" would raise taxes on half of Americans and potentially doom America's social safety net.

"That would raise taxes on half of Americans and potentially sunset programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security," Roberts said. "Why would you propose something like that in an election year?"

"That's, of course, the Democratic talking point," Scott replied.

"No!" Roberts exclaimed. "It's in the plan! It's in the plan!"

"Let's think about reality for a second," Scott pleaded.

"But, Senator, hang on," Roberts said. "It's not a Democratic talking point. It's in the plan."

"Also in the plan, it says we ought to every year to talk about exactly how we're going to fix Medicare and Social Security," Scott insisted. "No one that I know wants to sunset Medicare or Social Security. But what we're doing is we don't even talk about it. Medicare goes bankrupt in four years. Social Security goes bankrupt in 12 years."

According to Scott, there are people who "could go to work" but they have "figured out how to have government pay their way."

"That's not right," he argued. "They ought to have some skin in the game. I don't care if it's a dollar. We ought to all be in this together."

Scott added: "I want to change this country. The woke left controls everything! We've got to win."

Watch the video below from Fox News.