Fox News anchor attacks New Jersey's school nutrition program: 'Kids are going to grow up thinking lunch is free!'

Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum on Thursday expressed distress at the state of New Jersey for having school nutrition programs in which children do not have to pay money to get fed.

While speaking with former Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow, MacCallum complained about giving out school lunches without requiring payment.

"What kills me is now that there's a free lunch program in New Jersey, and it's for everyone!" she said. "Even if you don't need help to send your child's lunch to school. So those kids are all going to grow up thinking school lunch is free! And then, God help the person who comes along and tries to take that away, Larry!"

Kudlow then said that the lunch program wasn't "free" and predicted New Jersey residents would "pay for it with higher taxes and higher inflation."

He also said that "commonsense Americans know that this is not right, they don't want big government socialism!"

Watch the video below.