'That's called socialism!' Fox & Friends host freaks out after learning raising taxes on rich people is popular
Brian Kilmeade (Screen Capture)

"Fox & Friends" co-host Brian Kilmeade went on an angry tirade on Wednesday after his co-hosts acknowledged that polls show it's popular to raise taxes on wealthy Americans.

During a discussion on potentially raising income taxes and capital gains taxes on high-income earners, Kilmeade claimed that these plans would backfire because the majority of Americans don't want their taxes to go up.

"No, no," interjected co-host Steve Doocy. "They're okay with raising taxes on the rich."

Kilmeade then said that wanting to raise taxes on rich people was akin to wanting to go to Disneyland every day.

"If you ask people, 'Do you want to go to Disney Land every day,' that's popular!" he complained. "But is it logical, is it feasible, is it practical? No!... Most American people know that you can't be sober and expect all these free things and have a capitalist, free-market society!"

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt then suggested that more Americans were open to taxing the wealthy because the government has been paying them more money during the novel coronavirus pandemic than they were getting from their low-wage jobs before the pandemic struck.

"If you used to have a job pre-covid, and now you are getting a paycheck from the government and it's more than what you made, they like that!" she said. "Even though it's our money."

"That is called socialism!" railed Kilmeade.

Watch the video below.