MSNBC host recalls Fox anchors trying to name vaccine after Trump — but now they’re against it altogether
Geraldo Rivera (YouTube)

It wasn't that long ago that Fox News host Geraldo Rivera was trying to convince the world that the United States should name the COVID-19 vaccine after then-President Donald Trump.

Playing old clips from Fox News, MSNBC host Ari Melber recalled Tucker Carlson asking if the vaccine was really all that helpful after Joe Biden was elected president. But before that, the Fox team was all in on the vaccine.

Sept. 10, 2020, Mark Levin claimed that Democrats were afraid of the "vaccine," holding up the word scribbled on a white piece of copy paper. Fox Business host Charles Payne claimed on Nov. 9 that the "key has always been the vaccine." While "Fox & Friends" host Steve Doocy called the vaccine Trump's "October Surprise" in July, Payne thanked Trump because "he really pushed hard on this."

"He is definitely the prime architect of this Operation Warp Speed," said Rivera on Nov. 20. a similar claim was made by a panelist saying that Trump can take credit for Operation Warp Speed and the delivery of the vaccine.

"Why not name the vaccine The Trump," asked Rivera in that Nov. 20 discussion. "Make it like, you know, 'Have you gotten your Trump yet?'"

Today, things are very different with Fox hosts "concern trolling" asking absurd questions pretending like they care about the health and wellness of their viewers.

"Now, honest and good faith questions are fine," said Melber. "They are welcome. But there is a political context here and it suggests that some are making what are essentially bad faith partisan attacks because they want to take down anything Biden does on COVID.

Melber said he wouldn't even get into the discussion about naming the vaccine after Trump. "We put that together to show that very recently, for some of these folks, the vaccine was good. If you could call it Trump. And now we're seeing a really doubling down on the antipathy."

Fox chief, Rupert Murdoch, got his vaccine while he watched his networks push lies about it.

Wach the super-cut of Fox and the panel discussion about it below:

The vaccine lies after Biden is elected