LISTEN: Full tape of Trump demanding Georgia Secretary of State 'find' votes to hand him a win

The Washington Post released the full one-hour audio of President Donald Trump demanding that the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger "find" more than 11,000 votes so that he can change Georgia to a Trump state.

Trump was insistent that he won the state, citing a slew of QAnon conspiracy theories that aren't accurate. At one point, Raffensperger told Trump that his facts simply weren't accurate. In a claim that 5,000 dead people fraudulently voted, Raffensperger explained they only found two where it was clear someone voted who was no longer alive.

Even in the case of the Dominion Voting Systems machines, Trump said that they somehow stole the election. Raffensperger explained that the voting machines don't matter and aren't a factor because they did a hand-count of all of the votes, including the voting machines and that the tally matched what they had.

"There's nothing wrong with saying that you, um, recalculated," Trump tried to tell Raffensperger.

Listen to the full audio below: