Georgia substitute teacher fired after he's caught raging at Obama in obscenity-laced rant
Substitute in Fulton County, Georgia school (screengrab).

On Thursday, 11 Alive reported that a substitute teacher in Fulton County, Georgia has been fired after a video was leaked of him engaging in an "expletive-laced, racist rant" against President Obama in a classroom.

The teacher, who was not identified but appears to be Middle Eastern in origin, furiously blamed the former president for drone strikes, saying that "f**king Obama ... bombed the sh*t out of my country."

“It’s very disturbing the kind of language that was being used in a classroom," Gerald Griggs, Atlanta NAACP's first vice president, told 11 Alive. “School is not the place to have that kind of vitriol conversation with young people. That’s why we’re concerned, and the definite racist overtones that were coming out were very, very concerning.”

The unmanned predator drone programs used by the military and CIA to neutralize terror targets across the Middle East took place largely under presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump, and were controversial for the danger they posed to nearby civilians — although various sources have disagreed over whether drones are better or worse at minimizing civilian collateral damage than more conventional weaponry. Under Joe Biden's administration, the use of drones to conduct military strikes has declined dramatically.

Georgia has had other racial incidents with teachers in recent years. In 2016, an elementary school teacher in Gainesville was terminated after a Facebook post in which she called former First Lady Michelle Obama a "gorilla" who needs to "focus on getting a total make-over."

Substitute teacher's expletive-laced, racist rant captured on camera

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