Feds identify MAGA rioter after he signed his name on camera on January 6th

A MAGA rioter has been arrested after federal law enforcement officials tracked him down with the help of video of him signing his name on a "Stop the Steal" display in the aftermath of the January 6th riots at the United States Capitol building.

In a newly unsealed criminal complaint, federal officials allege that Trump supporter Gabriel Brown "kicked and/or stomped on media equipment that belonged to media outlets" that were covering the riots at the Capitol and also "verbally encouraged others to steal and destroy media equipment."

Additionally, Brown was charged with unlawfully entering restricted grounds while taking part in the January 6th riots.

As the riots were winding down, the complaint says Brown approached some fellow Trump supporters who had created a "Stop the Steal" banner that he signed while being filmed.

"I'm signing my John Hancock on this, because I give my life to liberty, and I will stand by it as I always have," Brown said in the video. "I swore an oath to defend our liberty a long time ago, and that's why I'm signing this."

Watch the video of Brown signing his name on camera below.