‘Garbage’: White House reporters slammed for asking ‘ridiculous’ questions, from Tokyo Olympics to Sarah Sanders

Now that regular, daily White House press briefings are being held again, many Americans are praising the tenor of press secretary Jen Psaki, who some say is eager to impart actual information. After four years of press secretaries attacking both the press corps and Democrats, the new tone in the briefing room is a welcome change for many.

But on social media some blasted several White House reporters for asking "ridiculous" questions, like this unidentified reporter who wanted to know how high up on President Joe Biden's list of priorities is the Arkansas gubernatorial race, now that former Trump White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has thrown her hat in the ring.

This media, culture, and communications professor weighed in:

That was not the only "ridiculous" question.

Here's Fox News' Peter Doocy, who appears to be trying to rack up a lot of attention for the conservative cable channel.

"The President said he 'hopes' the Senate can do the impeachment trial while working on the people's business. What if they can't?" he wanted to know, strongly suggesting the impeachment trial in the Senate is not the people's business.

And Doocy also wanted to know President Biden's thoughts about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis offering to host the Tokyo Olympics.

SiriusXMProgress host Joe Sudbay summed it all up: