'Sen. Foghorn Leghorn': John Kennedy's opponent reams him for folksy talk and no action
CNN/screen grab

Gary Chambers Jr, a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, on Wednesday blasted his opponent, Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA), for a history of folksy talk and no action.

During an appearance on CNN, Chambers was asked why he was taking on the longtime Louisiana senator.

Chambers pointed out that Louisiana is ranked as one of the worst states for crime, opportunity, health care and education."

"Kennedy has been elected almost as long as I have been alive," he noted, "and you can't take responsibility for our good culture and gumbo and all of the flavor we have but not responsibility for where we are as a state in comparison to our neighbors."

"My generation are looking at the leadership and we don't want Sen. Foghorn Leghorn, we want somebody who is going to go to D.C. and represent the people and talk about the issues that are important to the people of Louisiana."

Chambers recalled that Kennedy had voted against the recent infrastructure bill despite his state's crumbling roads and bridges.

"Having a U.S. senator who doesn't prioritize the people of Louisiana, doesn't prioritize working people, would rather spend his time on Fox News making quips about whether or not we taste like chicken to a bear," he explained, "those are not things that bring value to the voters of Louisiana or to this country."

Watch the video below from CNN.