A school committee meeting Tuesday night in Franklin, Massachusetts, where students and staff were discussing anti-gay bullying turned contentious when a parent decided to loudly chime in, CBS Boston reports.

Franklin High School senior Mackenzie Atwood was telling another speaker about feeling "attacked" due to the fact that she's gay. But a parent interrupted Atwood, saying, "This has to stop. This is the indoctrination."

"This is extremely disgusting that you can look me in the eyes and say that I'm not being oppressed at the school," Atwood shot back.

According to CBS Boston, the parent's outburst prompted the school committee chair to intervene and condemn the parent's words. Franklin schools superintendent, Dr. Sara Ahern, then sent a letter to parents calling the disruption "appalling" and "unacceptable."

"It's so invalidating because people love to believe that being gay is a choice. It was very emotional," Atwood said.

Enraged parent screams ‘indoctrination’ at gay student for speaking out against bullying youtu.be