OAN reporter battles George Santos for 'sincere' apology: 'You have not yet shown that'
OAN/screen grab

OAN correspondent Caitlin Sinclair faced Rep. George Santos (R-NY) in a tense interview about lies he told to help his 2022 campaign.

During the 13-minute interview, Sinclair pressed Santos about the sincerity of his apology.

"What I might have done during the campaign does not reflect what is being done in the office," the lawmaker explained.

"The American people can pretty much forgive anything, but that starts with a sincere apology normally, a lot of remorse shown," Sinclair said. "The prevailing opinion is you have not yet shown that."

"I don't know what you mean by that," Santos replied.

"Well, you seem angry," the reporter interrupted.

"I'm not angry," Santos insisted.

"Are you sorry?" Sinclair asked.

"I've said I was sorry many times," Santos remarked. "I've behaved as if I'm sorry."

"I don't know what looking sorry looks like to you, Caitlin," he added.

"The prevailing opinion out there right now, from your voters, is that they have not heard a sincere apology from you yet," Sinclair pressed.

"I've made my sincere apology multiple times," Santos said. "I thoroughly apologize for lying about my education and embellishing my resume. I've made that very, very clear."

Santos did not respond to the other lies and questionable behaviors to which he has been connected.

Watch the video below from OAN.