George Santos' congressional app biography says 'little else known about Santos that is verifiably true'
U.S. Rep.-elect George Santos, R- N.Y., speaks at the Republican Jewish Coalition Annual Leadership Meeting in Las Vegas on Nov. 19, 2022. - WADE VANDERVORT/AFP/Getty Images North America/TNS

As Rep. George Santos (R-NY) officially takes his seat in Congress, the updates to the congressional app are being made to include factoids about the members, their offices and contact information.

One thing CNN reporter Kristin Wilson noticed is that even Santos' official biography isn't all that flattering.

The biography closes: "...little else is known about Santos that is verifiably true."

At the same time, Santos is issuing threats to reporters that stand outside of his office asking questions.

"Looking forward to be (sic) back on Capitol Hill this week to serve #NY03," he tweeted Sunday evening. "I also have a surprise for the 'journalists' assigned to stake out my office ... can't wait to see you guys." He added a bicep flexing emoji and an American flag.

Screen capture taken from Twitter

There are no longer metal detectors for members entering the Capitol, and it's unclear if Santos would resort to bringing a gun to try and scare off the press, particularly after another mass shooting.

It isn't illegal for the press to be staked out in Congress or outside of the offices of lawmakers.

The move comes after Santos was the butt of the joke to the liberal group MoveOn over the weekend that crafted a "Santos fraud identity" game. According to the instructions, the identity follows the chart to fill in the blanks: "I'm a (first initial) who (birth month). I led my college's (last initial) team to the championship."