George Santos bragged he had been to Moscow 'many times in my career'
Photo: Facebook

Newly elected Congressman George Santos said in an interview during the Conservative Political Action Conference that “I’ve been to Moscow many times during my career."

Former FBI agent Peter Strzok said that "Santos also received at least $2690 from Len Blavatnik, a close associate of [billionaire oligarch Viktor] Vekselberg."

Vekselberg's cousin and money manager, Andrew Intrater, funneled money to Santos too, the Daily Beast reported last month.

“Starting in March 2021, Intrater and his wife began pouring tens of thousands of dollars into auxiliary committees backing Devolder-Santos: $20,000 directly to GADS PAC,…plus $12,100 to Devolder Santos Nassau Victory, a joint fundraising committee” with Nassau County GOP," the report explained.

See the video of Santos below: