Bush told a 'stunned' Tony Blair he was going to attack Iraq just three days after 9/11: Former US intel official
George W. Bush (AFP)

A former CIA analyst and current Brookings Institute senior fellow delivered a shocking revelation on Friday when he claimed that former President George W. Bush told then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair that he was going to attack Iraq just three days after the 9/11 attacks.

During a forum discussion about the legacy of 9/11, Brookings counterterrorism expert Bruce Riedel revealed that he recently started looking back through a journal that he had kept while serving on Bush's National Security Council in the early years of his administration.

"It shows that, on September 14th, I was in the Oval Office with the president when he talked to Tony Blair," he said. "And in the middle of the conversation with Tony Blair about 9/11, George Bush says, 'We're going to attack Iraq too.'"

Riedel then added that Blair was not expecting his American counterpart to say such a thing.

"Tony Blair was stunned," he said. "You could tell, listening to the phone call, that the British prime minister was completely taken aback!"

Blair would eventually come around to supporting an attack on Iraq, he notes, but at the time he did not see what Iraq had to do with the days-old attack on the United States.

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