Georgia official: DeKalb County will have massive Democratic vote update soon
Kelly Loeffler, Rev. Ralph Warnock -- screenshots

There are already experts predicting the Georgia Senate elections are over with Democrats winning.

MSNBC's Steve Kornacki similarly said that there is a lot of outstanding Democratic votes that haven't been reported and the largest margin left is coming from Democratic strongholds.

A DeKalb County official told Kornacki that, "they are expecting a significant, a significant release of vote before 11:00 eastern time."

The county will likely deliver several hundred thousand votes and the overwhelming majority of them will be for Democrats.

There are still about 15,000 outstanding military ballots that won't be finalized until as late as Friday, however.

While appointed Sen. Kelly Loeffler appears to be doing worse than her GOP counterpart David Perdue, both appear to be too close to handle an 80/20 split of DeKalb County voters.

See Kornacki below:

Democrats look good in Georgia