Redistricting is an 'existential crisis' for Georgia Republicans: report

The dominance of Republicans in Georgia was threatened in the 2020 election as Joe Biden carried the state and Democrats swept both Senate seats. Whether they can dominate again may come down to how the lines are redrawn for congressional and legislative districts following the 2020 election.

Kennesaw State University Assistant Political Science Professor Benjamin Taylor explained the stakes to Fox 5 Atlanta.

"This makes redistricting an existential crisis for Republican dominance of Georgia politics," said Taylor. "It's definitely the case that Republicans are going to take this as an existential moment because there are two congressional seats that have historically been Republican--the Georgia 6th and Georgia 7th with Lucy McBath and Carolyn Bordeaux--those two seats probably just based on demographic change and population movement, it's very difficult to imagine both of those seats being drawn in a way to make them more Republican, but at least one of them is probably going to be drawn in a way that makes it much more likely to be a Republican in 2022."

The Georgia legislature is hoping to approve new district lines in a fall special session of the legislature.