Geraldo Rivera: Nazis are 'too stupid' to watch '1 minute' of Tucker Carlson's replacement theory shows
Fox News host Geraldo Rivera (screen grab)

Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera defended his network over the weekend for promoting a racist conspiracy theory that was cited by a man suspected of carrying out a mass shooting in Buffalo.

The so-called "great replacement" or "white replacement" theory was first highlighted on Fox News by host Tucker Carlson in 2021. Believers of the theory claim that immigrants are replacing white citizens.

The theory was recently included in a manifesto written by alleged Buffalo shooter Payton Gendron.

But Rivera suggested that it was a coincidence that Gendron cited the theory just months after Fox News began broadcasting it into millions of homes. He said criticism of the network was unfair.

"Replacement theory & related racist anti-Semitic bullshit disgusts me," Rivera tweeted on Sunday. "I hate Neo Nazis & plenty of video tape proves that from many violent confrontations. Now Fox criticized for fomenting it, bullshit. There is 0 evidence any watched 1 minute of Fox News."

"They’re too stupid," he added.