'Get off the plane': Passengers shout down Trump rioters as they're thrown off flight home
Photo: Screen capture

One man was filmed having a fit in the airport after he found out he was put on the "no-fly" list after the attack on the U.S. Capitol. The sobbing man shouted that they called him a "terrorist." He was comforted by a woman who said that she was thrown off of a Delta flight earlier.

The video of that woman being thrown off the flight is now also being revealed. She appears to rant about the First Amendment as she slowly makes her way down the aisle off the plane. She seems to be joined by another woman in a black sweater and a man in a grey shirt. The woman in the sweater attempts to argue with one of the other passengers about her "rights."

"Get off the plane. Get off the plane," a man can be heard saying. Other passengers then joined in, saying the phrase over and over again.

Another man made a comment about facing "what you did," saying they should "get out."

See the video below: