Pro-'free speech' app Gettr bans users who are critical of Chinese financier Guo Wengui: report

Gettr, the MAGA-friendly social media platform intended to be a pro-"free speech" alternative to Twitter, is apparently banning accounts that are critical of Chinese finacier Guo Wengui, who reportedly has deep ties to the app.

Daily Beast reporter Zachary Petrizzo says that he heard rumors from Gettr users about getting banned for being critical of Guo -- and particularly if they baselessly accused him of being a secret "spy" for Chinese government.

To test this out, Petrizzo made six different accounts that all wrote negative posts about Guo.

"All six accounts were promptly banned, with 83 minutes being the longest span of time a single critical post remained live," writes The Daily Beast. "They were banned without notice of wrongdoing or explanation for the permanent suspensions."

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Petrizzo then tried to create accounts that praised Guo and touted his animosity toward the Chinese Communist Party -- and these accounts were all allowed to stay up.

Of course, this isn't the only time that Gettr has banned people from its platform.

"Since its inception, the supposedly 'anti-cancel culture' Gettr has generated several controversies over its use of content moderation, drawing the ire of far-right extremists like Nicholas Fuentes who flocked to the site to say whatever they wanted," notes Petrizzo. "Shortly after joining, Fuentes and members of his white nationalist 'groyper army' were quickly given the boot for having 'violated Gettr’s clearly defined terms of use,' as a spokesperson told The Daily Beast at the time."