Hollywood reporter asks Gillian Anderson if she spoke to Thatcher for role in 'The Crown' — she died in 2013

Actress Gillian Anderson was polite speaking to reporters after her Emmy win, when a reporter asked if Anderson had spoken to Margaret Thatcher before playing her in "The Crown." Thatcher died in 2013.

The Netflix show was hugely successful at the Emmy Awards, but due to COVID-19, nearly all of the U.K.-based actors and crew were forced to stay overseas for the awards. They all participated in the event eight hours ahead of Los Angeles.

A video of the interviews done some time after the awards surfaced on Sunday when Reuters posted it to Twitter. It led many to note how gracious and kind Anderson was to the reporter asking an incredibly ill-informed question.

The reporter also asked about the need for other female U.K leaders, in which Anderson cited previous Prime Minster Theresa May, who left office in 2019. Anderson was then asked about future female U.S. leaders and cited Vice President Kamala Harris as a clear female leader in the leadership of American politics. She noted that perhaps someday Harris might succeed to the Oval Office.

See the embarrassing video below: