'The broke Bonnie and Clyde of the GOP': MSNBC panel nails Clarence and Ginni Thomas for Jan. 6 claims
Clarence and Ginni Thomas (Facebook)

Daily Beast columnist Wajahat Ali and comedian Dean Obeidallah were sounding the alarm about Justice Clarence Thomas and his activist wife Ginni, both of whom have been attacked over the past year for their involvement in the attempt to overthrow the 2020 election.

MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan started off his Sunday show asking, "Why aren't Democrats making more of this Ginni Thomas issue? Why haven't they made more of this issue? Why do they always bring a butter knife to a gunfight with the GOP?"

Ali called it outright "weakness."

"They have chosen civility over law and order and accountability. It's good to be an extremist wife of a right-wing conservative Supreme Court Justice," he said. "She works at the right-wing money and the activist scene. He works the courts. They're the broke Bonnie and Clyde of the GOP. And if the shoe was on the other foot, we know what would happen. There would've been subpoenas and hearings and nonstop 24/7 clamoring. As soon as we found out those texts that she sent to Mark Meadows, the QAnon texts -- she believes in that. She also sent texts and emails to lawmakers in Arizona and also in Wisconsin, begging them to overturn the election. And we also know that she hosted John Eastman, the right-wing attorney, who is promoting the coup of illegal -- this is a couple that is going to get away with it. She is all smiles because she realizes nothing will happen to her. They are running out of time. Now it is up to the DOJ to show the American people that no one is above the law, even Ginni and Clarence Thomas. But I fear nothing will happen."

Hasan repeated reports from the House Select Committee, who spoke to Thomas on Thursday, that she still believes that President Joe Biden is an illegitimate president.

It was also revealed that Mrs. Thomas refused to testify to Congress under oath. Doing so would be a crime. But Hasan wondered if the reason was because the co-chair (Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY)) is close to the Thomas couple.

"Look, you can't lie to Congress if you're under oath or not," said Obeidallah. "That is a felony. So, she still faces peril if she had lied. Second, the idea that she sticks to a lie. She is a lawyer. She understands that's the route you go. What if she said, Mehdi, 'Now know the election wasn't stolen. The next question is, when did you know that? How did you know that? And was she sending text messages during the time she knew it was a lie? So, she is acting corruptly. Which is the definition of obstructing Congress."

He went on to say that Thomas was working to do his part to undermine elections by gutting the Voting Rights Act and she was doing her part by trying to overthrow the election by putting pressure on officials.

See the full conversation about Thomas below:

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