Pranksters flood Glenn Youngkin's anti-CRT tip line with complaints about kids learning Arabic numbers
Glenn Youngkin (Photo: World Economic Forum/Flickr)

Virginia Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin this week announced his office was opening a "tip line" for parents who want to report their local schools teaching "divisive" topics such as critical race theory.

Unfortunately for Youngkin, however, it has not taken long for pranksters to flood the email address he promoted with bogus tips.

As documented by Virginia-based attorney Qasim Rashid, several Virginians have sent in parody tips that mock right-wing panic over purported leftist indoctrination in schools.

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"I have heard reports that schools in Virginia are teaching ARABIC NUMERALS!" read one fake complaint. "I fear we've become so focused on exposing Critical Race Theory in public education that we've forgotten all about creeping Sharia Law."

"Albus Dumbeldor was teaching that full blooded wizards discriminated against mudbloods!" wrote one prankster who identified themselves as "Tom Riddle," the alias of Harry Potter villain Voldemort. "Fire him immediately!"

Another prankster informed the tip line that they were outraged that their son's teachers "are attempting to teach him" because "I don't need these teachers to educate the next generation."

See some more prank emails below.