Capitol insurrectionists probably had inside help from GOP staff: MSNBC analyst
Jon Cherry/Getty Images/Chicago Tribune/TNS

On Tuesday's edition of MSNBC's "Deadline: White House," analyst Jason Johnson speculated that the perpetrators of the Capitol invasion could have had inside help from Republican legislative staff.

"Every single local judiciary that can find cases or crimes committed by Trump or any member of his family needs to sue them and make this country so unpleasant that they want to leave," said Johnson. "And then with Congress, this Parler cache, that's going to be the liberal's version of WikiLeaks, because I promise we're going to end up finding out that some low-level staffer or member of Congress was probably giving this kind of inside information and anyone, anyone who has been connected to this kind of work should be purged."

"I also want to say this, because I think there's a difference in responsibility here," said Johnson. "If you're some guy who flew out from Lorraine, Ohio, a public schoolteacher from Cleveland that I just read about, fine. Local, you know, cops and FBI can deal with you. But if you were a former member of the military, if you were a retired lieutenant colonel, if you were someone who took an oath to protect this country, and you showed up and brought arms against the Capitol, jail forever. And I'm not in favor of the death penalty, but this is getting pretty close."

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