Dem lawmaker shares racist voicemails blaming her for ‘kung flu’ in America

Rep. Grace Meng (D-NY) appeared Tuesday morning on CNN to share racist voicemails she's received that blame her and other Asian-Americans for the novel coronavirus.

The New York Democrat went on CNN to discuss the wave of anti-Asian racism that has erupted over the last year, and she used the voicemails left at her office as examples to show what Asian-Americans have had to endure.

"I'm calling about the Karate Kid virus, or the kung flu virus or the whatever -- it came from Asia," one man said in a voicemail. "It's not racist. It's the truth. Filthy people."

"Hey, you look like a Chinese virus, you fat slob," said a woman who left a voicemail. "You look like a Wuhan, you ugly fat slob!"

Meng then explained that this is just a fraction of the type of racist abuse many Asian-Americans have been dealing with for the last year.

"Look, I have pretty thick skin," she said. "My heart goes out to so many families who are afraid to let their elderly parents and grandparents go outside to the supermarket for fear of being harassed. For the parents, some of who have been texting me saying they're not going to let their kids play outside anymore because they don't want them to get bullied."

Watch the video below.