Bodycam shows Michigan cops punching Black man in the face after stop for littering: 'He's lucky he's not dead'
Grand Rapids police beat Black man for littering (Photos: Screen capture)

Bodycam footage was released after a violent arrest in Grand Rapids, Michigan in which a Black man was punched several times by police after the car he was in was stopped for littering, TMZ reported, citing police Chief Eric Payne.

The incident happened March 26, but the video was just released showing Diabate Hood, who was pulled over with two other men in the car. Hood refused to step out of the car.

Hood reportedly jumped into the passenger seat, which police took as an attempt to flee. The video shows Hood being held down by three police officers, and one punches him several times in the face. Hood can be heard screaming as officers shouted "stop resisting." Officers then held him down and Hood can be heard yelling, "I can't breathe."

"According to Grand Rapids police, the traffic stop was part of its Operation: Safe Neighborhoods program in response to an uptick of violent crime in the area, and claim they had 'timely and accurate intelligence' to justify it," the report said.

"This is the police work that I expect from my personnel," said Chief Payne. The department then claimed that they searched the car and found four weapons, which they're using to charge Hood with felonies. Hood has also been charged with attempting to disarm a police officer, carrying a concealed weapon and resisting arrest.

Lawyer Tyrone Bynum is representing the men in the car. In a statement, he said, "What I saw in the video was another George Floyd." He noted that the alarming part came from officers who can be heard saying that Hood was "lucky he's not dead."

"You don't have to listen to me, look at the video," said Bynum.

"As with all Use of Force incidents, the encounter was reviewed by supervisors and members of the department's Training Unit. To date there have been no Internal Affairs complaints filed in this incident," said a statement from the police department, according to

See the video below via MichiganLive:

GRPD body camera video shows officer punching man during arrest