Montana's GOP governor bashes Dems for 'spending trillions' -- then brags about using money they gave him

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte on Wednesday bashed Democrats for excessive spending, and then immediately bragged about using the money they gave him on a much-needed infrastructure repair.

In a tweet posted on Wednesday evening, Gianforte bemoaned the fact that "the federal government is spending trillions of dollars of our kids and grandkids' money."

Despite this, however, the governor said that "Montana will invest it in our kids and grandkids' future" in the form of "investing $1.9 million in Dillon to replace the city's 100-year-old water lines."

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The tweet was accompanied by a photo of the governor proudly holding a large check written out to the city of Dillon for $1.9 million.

As political commentator Brian Tyler Cohen pointed out to Gianforte, the check he's holding in the photo features a logo for the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, the massive pandemic relief bill that Democrats passed along party lines at the start of President Joe Biden's term.