Greg Gutfeld's Fox News 'comedy' show mocked for being preempted after being on for 'half a Scaramucci'

Greg Gutfeld's new Fox News show was expanded briefly to weeknights but according to reporter Aaron Rupar, it disappeared Tuesday night. In Anthony Scaramucci time, that's just half a "Scaramucci," he remarked.

The former White House communications director spent just 11 days on the job. Former President Donald Trump was so infamous for his hiring and firing that Scaramucci became a unit of measure by which employment under Trump was calculated.

Gutfeld was preempted by former Trumpster Larry Kudlow, who infamously screamed at Dr. Anthony Fauci for disagreeing hydroxychloroquine was a cure for COVID-19. Fauci ultimately was proved right, and Kudlow got a Fox News show.

The show from Gutfeld was an attempt to craft humor over liberal policies or progressive statements, but it has frequently fallen flat with the audience.

"As for those late-night shows we're supposed to compete against: Why bother? Who do they offend?" Gutfeld asked in the opening monologue of the first episode. Since then, reviews have come in from traditional media outlets questioning the hypocrisy at those it pokes fun.

It's unclear if Gutfeld's show is on an unexpected hiatus or if Kudlow had some breaking economic news that needed to be addressed at 11 p.m. EST on Tuesday night. Either way, Gutfeld was nowhere to be found.