Wife of man convicted for murdering Ahmaud Arbery pleas for leniency ahead of sentencing
Records show a neighborhood on edge before Ahmaud Arbery's final run

The lawyer for one of the men convicted of murdering Ahmaud Arbery is asking for leniency from the judge as sentencing in the federal hate crimes case approaches, according to 13WMAZ News

Gregory McMichael's attorney, A.J. Balbo, asked the judge to sentence Gregory McMichael to 20 years in prison at a federal correctional institution plus the seven years for brandishing a firearm during a crime of violence.

Gregory McMichael, his son Travis McMichael and their former neighbor, William Roddie Bryan, were all convicted of murder in Arbery's death. Travis and Gregory McMichael were sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, and Bryan was sentenced to life with the possibility of parole.

Gregory McMichael's attorney cited his client's safety, and his "myriad of medical conditions," including depression, anxiety and cardiac issues for the reasons he is asking for leniency in his sentencing.

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In a letter to the judge, Gregory McMichael's wife, Leigh McMichael, echoed his attorney's concerns.

"This is not a man who would chase someone and kill that person because of the color of the person’s skin. Greg is a devoted and loving husband, Father and Grandfather. Greg loved his community and Country and served to protect both through his Military career and Law Enforcement career. Although Greg has dealt with some pretty evil people, He believes that most people are good no matter of race," she wrote.

"The death of Ahmaud Arbery was a tragedy of epic proportions. Contrary to popular opinion, My Family cannot imagine the pain and hurt that the Arbery Family and friends must be experiencing. I am resigned to the fact there is nothing anyone in the McMichael Family can say or do to ease their hurt, but nonetheless, I offer my deepest sympathies. Please have Mercy on Greg. His intention in this tragedy was not to hurt anyone," Leigh continued.