White woman shocks community by dropping n-word at Michigan school board meeting

After her son was disciplined for using the n-word, a white woman deployed the word herself during a school board meeting in Michigan.

"Frankly I was shocked," Grosse Pointe Public Schools Superintendent Jon Dean told Fox 2 Detroit.

"That is certainly not appropriate language to use," noted. "It is racist, inappropriate language.

Parent Abigail Ward, a white woman married to a Black man who is raising biracial children, wished the board had done more at the time.

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"I’m just concerned as a parent, that the more and more lines continue to be crossed, at what point will the board then speak up," she said.

Joseph Herd, the president of the school board, released a letter saying that, "moving forward, anyone using inappropriate language will be removed from the meeting."


Grosse Pointe parent's racial rant using n-word upsets community at school meeting www.youtube.com