Trump supporter tells Fox News that 'Harley-Davidson would be making baby formula' if he were still president
Fox News/screen grab

A patron of a Georgia diner told Fox News on Tuesday that motorcycle companies like Harley-Davidson would be making baby formula if Donald Trump was still president.

Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones visited a restaurant in Brooklet where one man said that he supported both Trump and Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R).

"You say that you're a proud supporter of what you call the MAGA King but you're not going to get between the MAGA King and Kemp and you decided to [vote for] Kemp," Jones explained.

The restaurant patron also slammed President Joe Biden and Democrats for the current economic situation.

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"Young families have children," he said, "can't get formula. Everything's too high. Me, my money is running away because of the stock market. People older than me, their money is running away. And that's what you work all your life for."

Jones ended the interview by revealing a comment the man had made earlier in the morning.

"I think my favorite quote from you today was if Trump was still in office, Harley-Davidson would be making baby formula," the Fox News contributor said.

Watch the video below from Fox News.