Harvard under fire after 'willfully terrible' webpage on anti-Asian racism is deemed racist by Asians

Harvard University is on the receiving end of backlash after a post on its website's "Anti-Asian Racism Resources" page told students that they may "regret" being Asian, Newsweek reports.

"When you experience racism, you can feel shame," a segment of the page read. "You may wish that you weren't Asian, but remember that your ancestors likely went through similar or even worse incidents."

The page pointed to the rise in attacks against the Asian American community and provided three tools "most helpful in coping with racial discrimination," including "find pride in your community," "seek out support" and "process your feelings."

In a Twitter thread, Harvard student Matteo Wong slammed the page's wording, saying it's tools were tone-deaf and unrealistic.

"So harvard tells me, A) racism happens, dont worry, your ancestors survived worse (please tell me, who were my ancestors, how do you know where they lived and what they lived through? some mythical asian ur-bloodline?)," Wong wrote.

"...then harvard tells me B) think away your racism by drawing and writing," he added. "and C) if youre going to think away your racism by making art, make sure that art is happy and celebratory of asian communities bc that's the only thing people (presumably the only people who matter being the rich white men running harvard) want to see god forbid art should depict pain."

"worth noting this page predates [the Atlanta shooting] by months. get your sh*t together Harvard," Wong wrote.

Replying to Wong, Stanford psychologist Helen Hsu said the page's words were "willfully terrible."

"It's angering to read as it demonstrates lack of empathy & dedication to #AsianAmerican students," she wrote.

As of this writing, it appears that the page has been updated to exclude the problematic text.