Police find Nazi memorabilia in hate crime suspect's home — but he insists he is innocent

Various forms of Nazi memorabilia were found in the California home of a man accused of repeatedly vandalizing a local church in Delano with racial slurs, KGET reports.

Delano Police say the Nazi clothing, flags and stickers show Kyle Sison's actions may have been “based on his hate towards the Black community."

Sison, 33, is accused of vandalizing New Allen Chapel AME Church on July 17, Aug. 30 and Nov. 18. He’s charged with a hate crime of vandalizing a church, vandalism with damage of $400 or more, and damaging a property to violate civil rights. He has pleaded not guilty.

The damage to the church is estimated to be around $10,000. According to police, the racial slur was spray-painted throughout the entire church.

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In addition to the items, police found a homemade hydrogen gas device, but the sheriff’s Bomb Squad determined it wasn’t dangerous.

When shown the surveillance footage, Sison claimed he was a victim of mistaken identity.

“It looks like me,” Sison said according police records. “That’s not me.”

A detective says, “It’s pretty, pretty clear that that’s you in those videos.”

Nazi flags, clothing found at Delano hate crime suspect’s home: reports www.youtube.com