Hawaii GOP attacks Biden by promoting Holocaust denier who thinks Auschwitz gas chamber is ‘literally’ just a shower
Tarl Warwick. (Screen shot via YouTube.com)

Tarl Warwick built his audience as a blogger and author who focused on subjects surrounding religion and the occult. These days, his YouTube channel is filled with commentary railing against Big Tech censorship, Democrats, and the "woke cult." His commentary resonated so much with the Hawaii GOP that they felt the need to promote him in a tweet this Saturday.

"@Styx666Official has an edgy name and frequently uses profanity - his commentary and analysis is generally high quality," the Hawaii GOP tweeted, referring to Warwick's Twitter handle. "It [is] good to periodically step outside the 'bubble' of corporate commentators for additional perspective."

The tweet included a recent video from Warwick where he slams President Biden for not making "his own decisions" and accusing him of "over-stretching" with his stream of executive orders. But when it comes to 'stepping outside the bubble of corporate commentators,' the Hawaii GOP apparently doesn't realize how far outside the bubble Warwick can be -- especially regarding the Holocaust.

In an older video resurfaced by Twitter user Wild Geerters, Warwick regurgitates all the classic Holocaust denier rhetoric, questioning the Holocaust death toll and the true intent of the gas chambers.

"The famous Auschwitz shower was quite literally a showering station -- they've got like swimming pools at these places," Warwick says. "I believe that there were death camps -- of course there were -- however, what's not clear is if this was a deliberate extermination effort on a grand scale or whether they were primarily focused on eliminating criminals and the sick."

Watch the video below: