Tennessee superintendent defends principal who used N-word in anti-racism speech

On Tuesday, WBBJ-TV reported that a principal in Trenton, Tennessee will not be disciplined over his use of the N-word during a student assembly at Trenton Rosenwald Middle School.

"A video captured on-site shows what appears to be Principal Paul Pillow using a derogatory term as he addressed the school body," reported Jessica Davis. "This video was recorded by a student during morning of the meeting."

The principal was giving a speech about racism, and used the slur in the context of telling white students not to use it; nonetheless, the remark visibly startled the room in the video, and provoked anger on social media.

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Tim Haney, the director of Trenton Special School District, said that the principal's choice of words was unfortunate but that he meant well. “I haven’t received a great deal of feedback over it in the last 72 hours, but the majority of it has been in support of him because of the body of work and that he was trying. It was a good faith effort to stop the use of some verbiage, and he just did it in an unfortunate way.”

While Pillow is not facing any punishment, he has decided to step away from his duties temporarily to try to cool down tensions, Haney said in another statement. He added, "My intent and hope is that he returns to the Principal chair and we continue the excellent academic progress that TRMS has delivered for the 9 years he has been principal here."

Watch the original video below:


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