Newly unearthed records show Trump-endorsed candidate talked  'about having a shootout with police'
In this screenshot from the RNC’ s livestream of the 2020 Republican National Convention, former NFL athlete Herschel Walker addresses the virtual convention on Aug. 24, 2020. - Handout/Getty Images North America/TNS

A new report from the Associated Press sheds disturbing new light on the troubled past of Trump-endorsed Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker.

Newly unearthed police documents show that police in 2001 responded to a phone call from Walker's therapist, Jerry Mungadze, who warned police that his patient was "volatile," and police wrote in their report that they had to take cover upon arriving because "talked about having a shoot-out with police."

According to the AP, the police report detailed how Mungadze called police on September 23rd, 2001, and then traveled to Walker's house in an effort to calm him down.

After determining Walker was no longer a threat to himself or others, police said they "confiscated a 9mm Sig Sauer handgun from Walker’s car and placed his address on a 'caution list' because of his 'violent tendencies,'” writes the AP.

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The AP also cites a 2012 profile of Walker, who has a long history of mental health troubles and alleged abusive behavior, in which Mungadze elaborated on the reasons why he called the police on his patient.

“He threatened to kill [then-wife Cindy Grossman], myself and himself," Mungadze said. "I called 911, and the police came."

Walker's wife would file for divorce three months after the incident occurred.