Herschel Walker sore after Obama mocks him for wanting to be a werewolf
Fox News/screen grab

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker is upset that former President Barack Obama mocked him for wanting to be a werewolf.

At a campaign event on Thursday, Obama recalled that Walker had ranted about whether it was better to be a vampire or werewolf.

"Since the last time I was here, Mr. Walker has been talking about issues that are of great importance to the people of Georgia. Like whether it's better to be a vampire or a werewolf," the former president said. "This is a debate that I must confess I once had myself when I was seven. Then I grew up."

Walker revealed that he was sore about Obama's remarks during an interview with Fox News on Sunday.

"You were listening to the former president, Barack Obama, talking about I'm talking about vampires and werewolves. You're 100% correct, but why don't they tell the whole story," he complained.

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The candidate claimed that his remarks about vampires and werewolves had been about "faith."

"I don't know if you know, but vampires are some cool people, are they not?" Walker said last month. "But let me tell you something that I found out: A werewolf can kill a vampire. Did you know that? I never knew that."

"This would be funny if he wasn't running for Senate," Obama said on Thursday. "We all know some folks in our lives, who we don't wish them ill will, they say crazy stuff, and we're all like well, you know, Uncle Joe, you know what happened to them ... They're part of the family, but you don't give them serious responsibilities."

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