Just like Trump: How Herschel Walker exaggerates his business success

Former professional football player Herschel Walker is asking Georgia voters to trust him enough to send him to Washington as a United States senator. But what a number of news outlets have discovered about his claimed business dealings call into question his truthfulness.

A new investigation by The Daily Beast finds that the longtime friend of Donald Trump - who bestowed upon him his "complete and total endorsement" - habitually inflates his success in the business world since his retirement from football in 1997.

While Walker’s business record has been scrutinized before — including in an Associated Press review of “exaggerated claims of financial success” — the new Daily Beast review found documents and other records that "shine new light on previously unexamined, and particularly egregious, false claims."

"Those claims include running the largest minority-owned food company in the United States; owning multiple chicken plants in another state; and starting and owning an upholstery business which was also, apparently, at one point in his telling, the country’s largest minority-owned apparel company," according to the report.

Walker claimed a net worth of between $29 million and $65 million on candidate financial disclosure form, although according to a Georgia Public Broadcasting report, even that claim merits further scrutiny.

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Here's one of Walker's most obviously demonstrable false claims. The Daily Beast investigation found that "the website for his company — H. Walker Enterprises LLC — lists 'textile fabrication' among its areas of expertise, claiming the 'HWE and Renaissance Hospitality provides major hotels, restaurants and hospitals with custom fabric bedding, drapery and window treatments.'

"It’s unclear, however, what business Walker is referencing, because Renaissance Hospitality dissolved last year. Walker also isn’t on the articles of dissolution; his friend and former business partner, George Mappin, is.

"In fact, Walker’s mysterious claims about the upholstery company, which he 'started,' appear to reference a now-defunct financial agreement he once had with Mappin’s other company, South Carolina-based Renaissance Manufacturing. But that company also dissolved last year.

There are many more examples of Walker's fabrications in the full Daily Beast investigation.