Herschel Walker could collapse in the runoff — here's how
Herschel Walker / Travis Air Force Base

Georgia's high-profile Senate race will advance to a runoff, with Democratic Sen. Rev. Raphael Warnock holding onto a narrow plurality lead against scandal-plagued Republican challenger and former football star Herschel Walker.

But on MSNBC Wednesday, former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) argued that things may be even worse for Walker than they appear, because unlike the previous double-barrel Senate runoff in the state in 2020, it's not entirely clear yet that control of the Senate will depend on this race — only if Republicans win one of the uncalled races in Arizona or Nevada will that happen. And if it doesn't, Walker's support from Republicans could fall through the floor for one simple reason.

"If, in fact, Georgia is not the difference between controlling the United States Senate for Republicans, what is the marketing campaign to elect Herschel Walker, who literally is not competent to be a senator, they all know that, who's got all sorts of issues with the truth, they all know that but there's no incentive," said anchor Joy Reid. "How would they even do that marketing campaign?"

"Yeah, I think it's really interesting to think about it," said McCaskill. "If you do the hypothetical that we pull off wins in Nevada and Arizona and we control the Senate, then what is Georgia about? Georgia is about which side has the most passion and emotion and resources to win. Listen, the Democratic Party loves Raphael Warnock. The Senate loves Raphael Warnock, all of his colleagues think he is so smart and so good at what he does, he's charismatic, he's thoughtful, incredibly gifted. All in for the democrats. We will raise a bunch of money. We will have a big ground game. We will go at this as if we didn't have a majority."

But Walker, she said, has no such enthusiasm from the GOP base. "They're going to say Herschel Walker is a foreign policy expert? We need Herschel Walker to figure out how we deal with climate change or health care or anything else? The reason Herschel Walker did as well as he did was because they want control of the Senate. So I think the motivation that some voters have when they held their nose, I'm going for Herschel Walker, I'm not sure I want him."

"Putting a gun to his wife's head," agreed Reid.

"Exactly," said McCaskill. "But we want the Senate so we're going to, like, shut that all out and we're going to vote for him. That's gone in a runoff. So I'm optimistic. Even if it matters, even if control matters in Georgia, I still think we have the stronger hand in Georgia. You know what we have? We have a much better candidate."

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