High school students in Missouri walk out in protest of 'anti-trans' and 'racist' state bills

Students at Liberty High School in Missouri gathered in protest outside their school this Thursday objecting to bills put forth in the Missouri General Assembly that they say are racist and anti-transgender, KCTV reports.

One bill purportedly blocks people born as biological males from competing in girls' sports, and another bill bans the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools.

Just before the protest, Liberty High School sent a message to parents, informing them that the event would likely invite the presence of media crews outside the school.

"This is due to an event that several of our students are participating in at the activities complex prior to the start of school," the message stated. "This is a student coordinated event that is intended to bring awareness to some national legislation being considered. We appreciate the students making us aware of their intent in advance, and their willingness to cooperate to not cause any disruptions to our regular school day. While this is not a school sponsored event, we want to always respect the voice of our students at LHS, as long as it is conducted in a respectful manner and does not interfere with our learning environment."