White man's attempt to 'hit and run' Black woman fails spectacularly when he crashes into second car

A white man who attempted to flee after hitting a Black woman's car was brought to a standstill when he accidentally slammed into a second vehicle.

A woman using the name Cookie, who shared video of the incident, said that she was in a nearby store when she was informed that her car had been hit.

In the video, the woman can be heard confronting the man who allegedly crashed into her car.

The man can be seen apologizing and says that the vehicle belongs to his mother. He then gets in the SUV and attempts to drive away.

But the hit and run quickly comes to an end after the man slams his SUV into a second vehicle, leaving one of the SUV's wheels off the ground.

At that point, the man exits the car and runs away on foot.

The victim later explained that the man is 17 years old and does not have a license.

Watch the video and read the tweets below.