Hogan Gidley begs 'woke' companies to hire Trump loyalists for 'depth of knowledge' on governing
Sinclair/screen grab

Former White House staffer Hogan Gidley recently urged "woke" businesses to consider hiring former Trump administration officials for their "depth of knowledge" about governing.

In an interview that aired over the weekend, Sinclair's Eric Bolling asked Gidley if he was experiencing any "vitriol" from liberals due to his time working for former President Donald Trump.

"I'm not surprised at all," Gidley replied. "They hated us for years. And remember, it's not the president so much. I mean, they hated him for sure. They hate all of us! They hate the people out there who don't agree with them. And the whole lie about 'unity' is completely the biggest farce I've ever seen."

"Of course they're going to attack those who worked in the administration," he continued. "But people who work in a White House, whether it be Republican or Democrat, have a depth of knowledge of how the government works. That's an asset to any entity at all. They also understand the players in Washington, D.C."

According to Gidley, "a lot of people would benefit" from hiring former Trump officials.

"75 million people voted for Donald Trump and it would behoove those on the left, those companies who are kowtowing to the radicals and to the ones who are so woke and vocal, it would benefit them to understand, half of this country doesn't agree with that agenda," he argued. "They should try and get our business as well."

Watch the video below from America This Week with Eric Bolling.