Oklahoma teacher calls student the N-word during bizarre altercation -- and it's caught on video

According to News 9, a teacher in Holdenville, Oklahoma has been caught on camera calling a student a racial slur and getting into a physical altercation during class.

"In the video the teacher can be seen holding on to the student's backpack, the student's arms up near his head," reported Feliz Romero. In the video, after the student broke free, he said, "Watch where you touch me," to which the teacher replied, "You better get yourself over there ******, do it!"

In a statement, the Holdenville School District said that it is "aware of the incident" and "conducting a full investigation." The teacher reportedly was not at school the day following the altercation.

"I want her out of the classroom. If she thinks language like that is acceptable or appropriate in a classroom full of students like I don't think she should be an educator," said Shawna Jim, a parent of one of the students in the classroom.