WATCH: GOP’s own witness tells House hearing that Trump is wrong about Arizona

The House Oversight and Reform Committee on Thursday questioned former Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, who was the Arizona Senate liaison to the Maricopa County 2020 election audit. Bennet was invited to testify by GOP members.

During his questioning by California Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna, Bennett was asked about the fact that the months-long hand recount confirmed that Joe Biden won the election and there was no mass voter fraud designed to "steal" the election from former President Donald Trump.

Khanna pointed out that the audit clearly showed that Biden received more votes than Trump, to which Bennett agreed.

"Do you have any reason to believe today that Joe Biden did not win the state of Arizona?" Khanna asked, later clarifying his question: "Do you think he is the legitimately elected president?"

"Yes," Bennett replied.

"So when President Trump says, 'We won the Arizona forensic audit yesterday at a level that you wouldn't believe,' and said of President Biden, 'He didn't win in Arizona, he lost in Arizona based on the forensic audit,' that is false, correct? I'm not asking you to pick a fight with the former President, I just want to make sure people understand what the record is. That is not a true statement, correct?" Khanna said, addressing Bennett.

"I would not characterize it that way," Bennett replied. "I was asked by the Senate to be the liaison to the Maricopa audit, the Maricopa audit found that the results were very similar to what Maricopa County canvassed in the official results."

Watch the full exchange in the video below:

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