Houston GOP candidate defends her lynching threat towards 'banana eaters'

A candidate for the Houston County Commission in Alabama is getting called out for making racist comments in a public Facebook group, but she says her comments were justified, WKRG reports.

Priscilla Andrews, a Republican candidate for District 3, Houston County Commissioner, told members of the group, most of whom are presumed to be Black, “Have fun hanging off that tree limb,” and “I won’t be hanging from a tree limb or vine-like you for sure. banana eater.”

“You hate us, so my advice is to go back to your acclaimed home land and see what they do to you there…. to your own kind…” she wrote at the time.

According to Andrews, she made the remarks "in response to racist remarks that were made back to me."

“They started it, they threatened my life," she claimed.

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The comments, from July of 2020, are just now resurfacing. She has since deleted the comments.

“I was sick at the time and you’ll do things sometimes that you wouldn’t normally do when you’re sick,” Andrews claims. “I fired back at her the same way she came at me. Fight fire with fire.”

“I’m not racist, that’s the last thing I am,” Andrews said, adding that one of her best friends is Black.

According to the Dothan Eagle, Andrews is a member of the Republican Women’s Federation of Houston County, the Republican National Committee, Bama Carry, Friends of the Library, and AMORC.

"We can no longer afford to elect fake conservatives or weak leaders who cave in during a crisis,” she said in December 2021. “It is time to elect new leaders who have proven leadership abilities and are prepared to fight for the Constitutional rights of our country and state.”

Watch a report on the story below:

Houston Co. candidate reasoning for racist comments she posted onlinewww.youtube.com

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