Body cam video shows cop strike and kill pedestrian on sidewalk after driving with one hand

Body cam footage that was recently released shows the moment when a speeding Houston police officer struck and killed a pedestrian with his patrol car, the Houston Chronicle reports.

Officer Orlando Hernandez was driving at speeds of up to 100 mph as he and his partner officer Anthony Aranda pursued five carjacking suspects. According to a crash report, the roads were wet as Hernandez maneuvered the police SUV through traffic, sometimes using only one hand to steer.

Michael Wayne Jackson, 62, was walking to the barber when he was hit by the police cruiser, which then slammed into dumpster bin. "Body-cam video indicates that Hernandez hit Jackson about 34 seconds after passing through the intersection at Cullen Boulevard, a distance of 3,755 feet, according to information compiled from Google Maps and a diagram from HPD's crash report," the Chronicle reports. "This distance would suggest Hernandez traveled at an average speed of 75 mph before he drove onto the sidewalk. In a frame before Hernandez attempted to turn the wheel, the cruiser's speedometer showed 60 mph."

After the collision, Hernandez exited the vehicle and tended to Jackson. "I need HFD here," he radioed to dispatch. "I just got wrecked out, uh, Scott and Reed. One male patient is going to be knocked unconscious, not breathing, uh, bleeding from the head."

The Chronicle reports that both Hernandez and Aranda are still listed as active duty.

Watch the video below:

Bodycam shows speeding Houston cop killing pedestrian on sidewalk

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