How police were able to identify Nashville bomber as Anthony Warner after he died in the blast
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Police officially announced that Anthony Warner was the Nashville bomber and that he perished in the blast.

The sheriff's department announced that deputies sifted through pieces of the bombing for two days and were able to find something that identified the vehicle identification number (VIN), which identified the owner of the RV.

Shortly after midnight, they were also to confirm the identity of the bomber, they were able to take DNA samples of the tissue found at the scene. They then matched that DNA to things they found at his home and through his family, the briefing said.

Authorities also said that they couldn't make a determination on the motive for the bombing yet and until they know the motive, they are unable to call it "terrorism" yet. But they were able to say that there are no other known threats. Neighbors said that Warner didn't speak much and didn't come out of his home much.

See the briefing below:

Nashville police found pieces of RV that helped identify bomber as Anthony Warner who died in blast