Louisiana evacuation gridlock shows why GOP senator is fighting so hard for Biden's infrastructure bill: report

Americans are trying to flee Louisiana as Hurricane Ida threatens the gulf coast, but many are encountering traffic gridlock.

Videos posted to social media show gridlock on the West side of the state as people head for Texas.

The East side of the state is also backed up as people head for Mississippi.

NBC News digital deputy Washington editor Ginger Gibson, a graduate of Louisiana State University, offered her analysis of how the situation reveals political motivations.

"Wanna know why Sen.Bill Cassidy (R-LA) wanted that infrastructure bill so bad? It's taken my brother ... more than 5 hours to drive 10 miles through Baton Rouge on I-10 trying to evacuate. He still hasn't gotten across town. The city needs a new bridge real bad," she explained.

Video from Baton Rogue shows a large traffic jam.

Cassidy has been a strong supporter of the bipartisan infrastructure framework, posting a highlight reel to social media showing him advocating for the bill during local media interviews.